Shanan Worrall

Founder & Director of Shark Eyes

About Shanan

Shanan is known as an all round waterman, and West Aussie “underground hellman”. Born in 1978, Esperance West Australia to a family of keen surfers.

Winner of WSL Tube of the Year Big Wave Awards 2017

Big wave surfer

Cray fish diver on the Abrolhos Islands

3 x Esperance Deep Sea Angling competition winner

Specimen Shell Diver

Abalone diver

Oakley Big Wave Award nominee and Finalist

Billabong Big Wave Awards finalist 2017

One Ocean International Trainer

Luxury fishing charter skipper

He started surfing, fishing and spearfishing at a young age 6. At age 17 he began his work in the ocean as an Abalone diver/deck hand and continues to commercially dive for shells to this day. As well as diving, free diving and surfing which he loves and continues to this day.


Shanan loved his work as an Abalone diver, but it sadly came to an end in 2013 after a cascade of events that “spooked him”- all of these events were to do with sharks in Western Australia and left him suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety related to the ocean, so much so that he struggled to get back in the water for a year and it resulted in him changing his career.


Whilst abalone diving 180km east of Esperance in October 2013, a fellow abalone diver- Greg Pickering (Shark Eyes Ambassador) was attacked by a White Shark and left critically injured. Shanan along with two other colleges administered life saving first aid to him 4 hours from town in a remote location, and rushed him to hospital; luckily he survived and still dives to this day.


That same year Shanan lost a loved one in a fatal attack in Gracetown and personally encountered a few unwanted, unpleasant interactions with large sharks whilst spearfishing and surfing, luckily he saw the sharks and was able to defend himself.


As well as the events of the year 2013 Shanan has other mates who have lost limbs in Shark attacks over the years. Shanan agrees for many Shark attack is not a high possibility to lose sleep over but for Shanan and many other frequent (daily/weekly) water users the threat of Shark attack is a very real thing.

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