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Shark Eyes Director and Founder Shanan Worrall recently took the top prize in the WSL “Tube of the Year” Big Wave Award in Los Angeles, California. Channel 7 interviewed Shanan about his story and to find out more about Shark Eyes.

The west Australian

Big Wave Surfer Shanan Worrall drops in at Coolum Chiropractic
“For a guy that takes on monster swells, he is a very gracious and humble bloke, and it was a pleasure to have him in the office.”

Surf Scene: Surfer’s eyes on the prize

Coolum Chiropractic

Tweed Daily News
Last year, Shanan Worrall won the World Surf League’s (WSL) prestigious Biggest Tube Award and recently launched his shark deterrent invention called Shark Eyes.

Tweed Daily News

ABC News
The Big Wave Project
Big wave surfing is all about chasing the ultimate thrill. The world’s best big wave surfers often put themselves in situations where death is a real possibility. Tim Bonythons and surfer Shanan Worrall speak to Johanna Nicholson about the film.

The Big Wave Project
West Australian surfer Shanan Worrall has taken an international award for big wave riding.