Joe Knight

Chief Ambassador of Shark Eyes

About Joe

Joe is the founder and owner of One Ocean International and a professional waterman and free diver.

Started diving at age 10

One Ocean International Founder and Director

Sea urchin diving in New Zealand

Safety Officer, Australian Spearfishing Championships

Water safety team for Farm House Films’ big wave surfing expeditions

Free-diving instructor and guide for Byron Bay Dive Centre

Offshore survival trainer - ERGT

State, national and international spearfishing competitions

Trochus shell diving

Safety diver for Vertical Blue International free-diving competition

Underwater photographer

Free-diving and spearfishing safety trainer for Blue Water Explorer Tonga

Joe’s Testimonial


“Having had interactions with all the top predatory sharks that frequent Australia’s coastline, I have witnessed that sharks are naturally curious, but cautious, animals. In my experience, once the shark knows it has been seen, it has either become very cautious and kept its distance or lost its confidence and seemingly reassess its decision to attack.”

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