Shark Eyes, Safe for Sharks, Safe for Humans

Shark Eyes, Safe for Sharks, Safe for Humans

One of the best attributes of the Shark Eyes decal as a shark deterrent is that it is eco-friendly, non-invasive and in harmony with nature. It doesn’t hurt or antagonize sharks. It works with the nature of the shark; it is not introducing anything foreign or harmful to the game. In fact it is the lesson of mimicry from nature that is the science behind Shark Eyes.


Shark conservationists are some of our biggest fans because there is nothing about Shark Eyes that causes the shark to deviate from its normal routine. (See


Part of a shark’s predation criteria is a visual assessment, (and yes, they have superior vision).  All the decal does to the shark is to make it think it has been spotted and it moves on to find a meal it can take by surprise. There is nothing about Shark Eyes that causes any discomfort to the shark nor does it disrupt anything else going on naturally in the ocean.



This excerpt from the ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research discusses the demand for “Kinder, Gentler Shark Deterrents.” ”Until fairly recently, sharks were widely perceived as dangerous vermin.

Therefore, in protecting ourselves from sharks, no one much cared if our deterrent methods killed these potential man-eaters. Collectively, tens of thousands of sharks were drowned, shot, inflated, exploded, or otherwise dispatched with ruthless efficiency. But in these more ecologically enlightened times, people are gradually coming to appreciate that sharks – while remaining potentially dangerous – are wildlife, too, and thus not necessarily deserving of an unconditional death sentence whenever we work or play in their environment. Our new-found appreciation of the intrinsic value and sensory sophistication of sharks has spawned a kinder, gentler, non-lethal approach to shark deterrence.”

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