Mick Corbett

Professional Big Wave Surfer

About Mick

Mick is a professional big wave surfer who has lived near the beach my whole life. Everything he does revolves around the water, whether it’s being in it or on it.

Winner, Oakley Big Wave Awards (2016)

Finalist, Oakley Big Wave Awards (2015)

Finalist, WSL Billabong Biggest Wave and Tube of the Year (2015)

Finalist, WSL Billabong Biggest Wave (2016)

Sponsor: Volt Wetsuits

Lives in Dunsborough, Margaret River region of Western Australia.

I’ve seen a lot of crazy marine life in my time while surfing and fishing, but until recently I have never really worried about sharks. But, sitting next to a guy getting attacked, it changed my whole outlook on sharks. I believe there are more people in the water and there are more sharks, therefore I think there are definitely going to be a lot more shark encounters. Shark Eyes is a great new idea! It makes logical sense and it has minimal harm to the environment. I think we should utilize any chance we can to help prevent shark attacks without killing off every shark.”

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