Julian Hansford

Seven-time New Zealand spearfishing champion

About Julian

There is almost no amount of danger that will stop true watermen from getting their toes wet.

Commercial boat skipper

Commercial abalone free diver, New Zealand

Commercial abalone air diver, South Australia

ADAS L3 construction diver, Australia and New Zealand

Diver medical technician, Australia and New Zealand

Beche-de-mer diver, Queensland, Australia

Tuna harvest diver, Port Lincoln, South Australia

7-time New Zealand spearfishing champion

There is almost no amount of danger that will stop true watermen from getting their toes wet. For Julian, it can be quite frustrating because usually the places he most wants to be when surfing or diving is the area many watermen consider most likely to have a hungry shark lurking.


Over the years, Julian has had several shark encounters that may well have proven the Shark Eyes theory of visual deterrent. The first time was in New Zealand when he was lying on the bottom spearfishing but had not yet made a kill. He looked over his shoulder to find a large bronze whaler shark had snuck up from behind only about 2 meters away. The moment they made eye contact, the shark turned and fled as if frightened.


The same thing happened to Julian several times with bull sharks around Queensland and once with a great white shark near Port Lincoln, South Australia. These encounters occurred when there was no blood in the water. Things are usually much different when sharks are feeding.

“I often come across sharks when diving. Considering all the shark deterrents out there, I would personally be most confident with Shark Eyes. A few days ago, instead of swimming down and biting the shark below me on the face, I took a moment to stop and ask him about what he thinks about Shark Eyes. He said he doesn't like it. He loves eating human, but it’s just weird having someone look you in the eye while you’re trying to eat them.”

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